1468: Frozen Fold & Go Arendelle Castle Playset

Frozen Fold & Go Arendelle Castle Playset photo
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  • Category: TPS
  • No Pieces: 63
  • Manufacturer: Disney Frozen
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : No main storage, zippit bag for accessories


Inspired by Disney`s Frozen 2, this castle set has 2 floors of fun that fold up so your kid can act out scenes from Arendelle almost everywhere they go. When done for the day, flip up the attached bed, vanity, and table, store the accessories inside, latch the lock on the front of the castle, and flip up the handle to carry it away.


1 x fold up castle which includes:
- 3 x light purple bi-folding walls/doors
- 2 x tall purple doors
- 6 x pink stair steps
- 1 x pink stair rail
- 1 x small maroon shelf (may be attached to narrow
light purple wall)
- 1 x white shelf unit (may be attached to castle)
- 1 x blue wall
- 1 x grey fireplace (may be attached to blue wall)
- 1 x blue turret (may be attached to blue wall)
- 2 x blue roofs (may be attached to purple walls)
- 2 x white rails (short, long)
- 10 x picture cards, asstd sizes
- 2 x light purple bed pieces
- 1 x light purple legs for bed
- 1 x removable black headboard for bed
- 1 x pink tabletop
- 1 x maroon table legs
2 x maroon chair legs
2 x maroon chair seats
2 x maroon chair back and legs
4 x maroon chair arms
(may be all connected as two chairs)
2 x blue cups
1 x blue water jug
1 x light brown bread basket
1 x Elsa doll
1 x blue Elsa dress
1 x blue plastic shoulder cover for Elsa
2 x light blue boots for Elsa
1 x Anna doll
1 x purple Anna dress
2 x black boots for Anna
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag

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