1465: Castle Fort with Tunnel & Slide

Castle Fort with Tunnel & Slide photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: CS
  • No Pieces: 23
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Rent: $5.00
  • Storage: : No main storage, zippit bag for accessories


Your little adventurers can climb, slide and play all day long with this castle fort. Bring on their motor skills with the ladder, platform, crawl-through tunnel and slide! Be on the lookout for any friends who would like to join them using the telescope and steer your way to pick them up.

Dimensions:  1.35m x 1.56m x 1.50m


2 x grey walls
2 x brown arches with red windows attached
1 x red platform
1 x red side with steps
1 x red slide
1 x green tunnel
1 x orange tunnel support
1 x red steering wheel
1 x yellow telescope attached to red bracket
4 x round red screw caps
1 x cross red screw cap
1 x long yellow screw cap
2 x red screws
1 x black screwdriver
1 x laminated instruction guide
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag