1434: Race to the Treasure

Race to the Treasure photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 49
  • Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
  • Age: 5+ years
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


In this game, players try to beat the Ogre to the treasure by creating a path from start to end. Along the way, they need to collect three keys to open the treasure. Players strategise, cooperate and build a path together. If they do it before the Ogre gets there, they all win!

This is a cooperative game, where players work together as a team and not against each other. It`s all for one and one for all!
For 2-4 players


1 x game board
2 x dice (1 numbered, 1 alphabetised)
10 x ogre cards
27 x path cards
4 x key tokens
1 x ogre snack token
1 x 2 part game box with instructions under the lid
1 x contents list
2 x zippit bags